J. Tynan Burke

Hi there!

Welcome to my spartan corner of the web. I'm a software engineer and writer living in New York City. You can reach me at tynanburke -at- gmail.

Would you like to join my Minecraft server? Shoot me an email!


Short fiction

  • My urban fantasy short story The Bagel Shop Owner's Nephew was published in the August 2018 issue of Metaphorosis Magazine. It is available on their website, and as part of the wonderful Metaphorosis Best of 2018 anthology.
  • You can read my high fantasy short story A Brief Pause Between Floods in the February 2020 issue of Swords and Sorcery Magazine. I'll be revisiting the world later this year for another entry in the Floodlands Cycle.
  • I'll have five short stories in the Reading 5X5 x2 anthology, which should come out this summer. Check back for updates!


  • Samwise the enormous cat
    I review books, blog about LGBT rights and online privacy, and post cute pictures of my cat Samwise at Balloon-Juice.
  • More generally, you can find me at @tynanpants on Twitter. Follow me for such gems as:

Software engineering

I work up and down the stack, generally from the web server on back. These days I'm mostly working with TypeScript and Ruby applications, served via Google Cloud Platform. During downtime I enjoy producing better tooling, improving CI setups, and keeping up with emerging tech.

I'm on GitHub as thearchduke, and here's my LinkedIn profile.