J. Tynan Burke


Short fiction

  • "The Unlucky Few Who Must Not Cast", August 2021. An arcanist is forced to attend a twelve-step meeting for magic dependence. Available free online.
  • "The Bagel Shop Owner's Nephew", August 2018. Yonatan Kaplan deals with a troublesome prophet. Available free online, and as part of the (excellent) Metaphorosis Best of 2018 anthology.
  • "A Brief Pause Between Floods", February 2020. A young woman deals with thieves and a monk during an important test. Available free online.
  • Reading 5X5 x2: Duets, Verdage Press, 2020. I have five stories in this collection, which sat for a week at #2 on the Kindle new sci-fi anthologies list:
    • "Sudden Oak Death". In a habitat orbiting Enceladus, an arborist's prize trees fall ill.
    • "Infernal® Policies and Procedures Have Changed", with Douglas Anstruther. An ancient general makes a surprising discovery while working for Lucifer.
    • "Boro Boro", with Evan Marcroft. Central California coastal horror.
    • "Project Blackbook", with David Gallay. Excerpt from the congressional report about a disastrous decision made by a Silicon Valley company.
    • "The Relic", with L'Erin Ogle. Slowly dying on an alien spaceship, alone but for the voices in your head.