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In brief

I'm a full-stack web developer with over ten years' experience. My current work finds me developing primarily in python, ruby, and javascript, with a bit of PHP via Wordpress. On the backend I enjoy using postgres and deploying with Google App Engine or Heroku, unless something fancier is needed. I also do data modeling and management, and some digital librarianship.

You can download my résumé here (PDF). I'm also on GitHub as thearchduke, and this is me on LinkedIn.

Should the need arise, you can also find my PGP public key here. My email address is available on my résumé.

Sample projects

  • Pathfork

    Pathfork is a website that I built because I wanted a cloud-based writing organization tool. It lets you compose stories, and manage information about your characters and settings, adding them like blog tags to the sections of your work. I use it to organize short stories and my webcomic, though I saw the initial need while trying to remember which characters in a novel wore watches.

    It is written in Go, uses postgres for persistence, and a dash of javascript on the front-end. Currently served by Heroku. The code is available on GitHub.

  • Wordpress picture tool

    I volunteer time for small projects for a few websites I read. One is a Flask app for a travel photos feature. It takes submissions and provides an admin panel for managing them, utilizing the Wordpress REST API to turn selected collections into draft posts on the main site. Currently live, though I don't manage the deployment, so that link is to GitHub.

  • Other

    This site (tynanburke.com) was made in gatsby, a react-based static site generator. The code is on GitHub. And of course I have many other things on my GitHub account as well.

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